Photography courses and training


Are you ready to get better in our craft?

Do you want to learn about digital photography? Do you want to improve your skills and venture outside of your usual terrain? Do you want to get better lighting on your photos?
Are you fed up with youtube tutorials that don’t really teach you anything? Then, I think you have come to the right place 😉

This is what my previous students thought:

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You can choose one or more of my attractive packages:

Discover your
Additional hour: 50£
This is the ideal first training when you just got your camera or own one a want to use more of its potential, whatever the style of photos you want to shoot.
Duration: about 2h
Assessment of your current knowledge
In-depth explanation of all important parameters
Customisation of the camera
Interesting & important accessories
At your place or mine in Macclesfield
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Advanced photography training
Additional hour: 75£
Book this package if you already know the basics but want to increase your skills, especially lighting and directing models.
Duration: about 4-5h
Assessment of your current knowledge
Recapitulative explanation of all parameters
Shooting with a model
Indoors or outdoors
Specific lighting setups
At your place or mine in Macclesfield
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Advanced Photoshop + photography training
Additional hour: 75£
This is the all-in-one package where you make most of the day! Learn how to shoot, and then how to retouch it.
Duration: 8-9 hours
Advanced shooting training
Advanced retouching training
Photoshop Initiation if necessary, Interface customisation, Preparation of the images in Lightroom or Capture One, Modification of body shape, Skin retouching, Dodge and burn, Frequency separation, Color treatments
At your place or mine in Macclesfield
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"A la carte" training
Custom package
If my other packes don't suit your needs, and you want a different programme, more hours etc. we can always discuss other option. I am happy to tailor a suitable package for you!
Duration: you decide!
You decide the programme
Focus on lighting?
Focus on camera techniques?
Focus on model direction?
Focus on retouching?
At your place, mine in Macclesfield, or wherever you want
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